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Loft Top // Urban outfitters skirt
Candies flip flops, old from Kohls (love these!)
Ray Bans // CoverGirl lipstick in tempt

Celine mini luggage tote
Ray Bans // CoverGirl lipstick in tempt
Michael Kors watch

My hair is very long. The bangs are also very looonnnng... I am pushing it till end of the month before I set up a hair appointment. My hair is wet during drop off because I have to NO time in the morning to blow dry it. I wash it and that's it. 

My solution is the side braid. I am actually digging it. Just something different from my straight hair. 

Not really sure what she's doing here ^^

We did not do kissy photos. Instead I had this awesome idea to skip.  This is how the Delima girls skip.

our photographer said: that's not skipping. that's prancing (hence the title of this post!)

On Isabel:
Old Navy top, thanks Marketeers! 
 Janie and Jack shorts, similar ones here. These are so cute! do they have something like this for grown-ups?
Target glittery flats, thanks Lola!

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