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Daniel takes about 50-75 pictures of me when we do an OOTD post. I usually set up the parameters and then he just clicks and clicks and clicks. I delete a bunch of them but I still miss quite a few blurry faces. And I surprise myself when I upload them on the laptop. 

I'm thankful he photographs me. Specially in the winter months when natural daylight is short. I cannot wait for derrick to come home at 6pm and take a photo unless I'm ok with yellow tinged jaundiced photos. 

I totally forgot about this top.  I was scavenging my closet for tops that fit. Then VOILA. SEE ME? TRY ME ON,  I heard it say.... This was old from JCPenney. Isabel was just 9 mos when I got it. It's loose and flowy and sheer. I like the bow at the back. I paired it with my maternity shorts which are finally fitting loosely! I still have a long way to go before those regular cut offs fit me... And I'm trying to be positive and patient. 

As they say, weight gain took 9 mos. so give yourself more than a couple of weeks to loose the pregnancy weight.  You are no Heidi Klum...  or Kate Middleton. 

Last week I gave y'all a little teaser about my new exercise program. This week, I will be posting my initial review and results.  Don't hesitate to come back... there won't be any swimsuit before or after photos!

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Floral top from JCP, old // White MM shirts
LV pochette from my NeverFull
MK flats from NordstromRack // MK watch

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  1. Such a pretty top- you look great! And I've been telling myself 9 months on 12 months off since bf makes it harder for the weight to come off. ;)


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