bath time

People ask us how we deal with bedtime routine. uhm... it's chaos!
We have done it both ways where we line up the children and they hop in the tub one after the other. We have also done it when they all "swim" in the tub at the same time.

if we truly time the "time" they spend in the tub, it takes longer when they are all in the tub. They play. They ask for bubble bath. one would bump the other accidentally and then there will be crying and screaming. Our bathroom upstairs is SMALL. So we cannot handle all the screaming and fighting.

Derrick gives the children baths most of the time. Probably 90% of the time. I help out on the other end. once they are done, they go to their rooms and I dress them up, lather them with lotion. It's an assembly line of sorts.

This post is not sponsored. We received these towels as presents from family and we love them! I thought it will be cool to share these hooded towels with y'all.

The children definitely love the hooded bath towels! They ease the crying and pain once we say: bath time is over.

Here are the links if you want to be towel twinsies with our crew.

carters elephant hooded towel

skip hop towels - we have the dinosaur and duck

luvable - we have the bunny and the froggy.

Happy Bath Time!

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