so fancy for spit ups

I love looking at these photos because I just crack up.  I wore it for school drop off (while I was still on leave) and then stayed home all day.... then cherry on top of my ice-cream day: I got spit on by my sick third offspring. 

Funny how  I am familiar with the sound of pre-vomiting... Instantly, I knew what was about to happen. I put sebastian at arms' length  away from me and saving the top and jeans. 

After giving him a bath and my hair a quick rinse, we headed outside because again, priorities folks! I want my photo taken. i did not wear this outfit for nothing. 

or to be spit up on and then nothing...

I asked Sebastian to take photos with me. Derrick captured what happened next....

Me: SJ, come join momma for photos.

SJ:.... silently walked towards me.... and then passed me...
me: my reaction below.

But the show must go on.
Keep snapping photos, dear husband...

Are you wondering what hubs is doing below? He wanted to "squish" all my online shopping boxes, among other things, so the recycle bin will close.

That's why I married this guy. He is so smart and full of common sense...
Until he falls off or hit his head or cut his toe bec of opened cans, whatever: then I will say: yup, it's your fault. you should not have done that.

Love... all I give my husband is Love... and HONESTY.

Purse Vintage Chanel
Flats, splurge :::: save 
Bracelet || gift from bff SJ

I took iphone photos of close up deets of the outfits.. I already dumped a lot of photos here. So i will just post another one (same outfit) tomorrow. 

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  1. That's the wonderful thing about patterned tops - they don't show spit up! Definitely a mom staple :)

  2. Great photos. Love that patterned top, the whole look is perfect.


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