life lately

life lately via seven quick takes.

1. my last week of fmla
12 weeks went by fast, didn't it? For me, it sure did. My Lucy turns 12 weeks today which means I am going back to work next week. Prayers please. My anxiety is kicking in.  I hate the stress of getting out of the house in the morning. That's where most of my anxiety lies. I hate being late. (who likes being late?) I am a night owl so I need to tell myself every single night to shut down and relax and go to sleep. I need at least 6.5-7 hours of sleep. I can function with less than that but i am proned to hunger, headaches, bad mood etc.  if I only get 6 hours (or less) night after night after night.

2. Bastian is sick (was)
written Tuesday: Would you believe me that this was the first time Sebastian received a prescription for an antibiotic? The covering pediatrician was surprised that he is 2 years old and never had an antibiotic. True, he has had colds, fevers and cough. His fevers usually proclaim their source though. His fevers also go away within 48 hours. So when I think about taking him in, he gets better.

This week though was a different story. His fever lingered for over 48 hours. He lost his appetite. It broke my heart to see him cry.

update Thursday: Thanks for the prayers -- he is back to his happy self. He is catching up with food too :)

3. nyfw
If I am not a mama of 4, I think I will do something in the fashion industry. Just so I could go to New York Fashion Week. I followed all these bloggers on their snapchat and "enjoyed" the fashion shows.

4. snapchat
Speaking of snapchat, I am so addicted. I have been trying to convince my mom to download the app... (are you reading this, mom?) There's tons of videos of the children there...

Like this ONE!

(My username is disisd!) add ME.

5. extracurricular activities
My eldest is busy this fall with extracurricular activities.
He has soccer until end of October. But his team lost their first 2 games though. :(
He also joined the BSA. They went to a rocket launch this past weekend. He enjoyed shooting BB guns but missed the archery station because he had to go to his soccer match.
His school offers a once a week drumming class... it's for K-2nd grade. It's basic rhythm and beats and he's enjoying it.

6. working out
hubs and I are doing a second round of the 21 day fix. I am thinking of starting p90x3, come first of the month. Any of my readers p90x3 grads? any tips?

we went to a sporting goods store this past weekend to get heavier weights. Not boasting or anything but I am not lifting mere 3-5 lbs anymore.. I am going up there folks! haha, more like going to 8-10 lbs. This means whether hubs like it or not he has to go up as well bec I am claiming his weights.

we got a Pull up bar - something I have been asking hubs to get me for years. That's one of my goals. I want to perform a real pull up.

while browsing, we found the clearance rack. Daniel got a cute Pacers hoodie and I found these under armour tights for $12. They are girls size. I also found these shorts (both are under $12!) high five!

nike pro compression shorts for girls
under armour compression shorts 

I also got the Champion high support sports bra in bright orange (less than $12!)
and these  cute Reebok pink ones.

7.  video I am sharing
(again from my snapchat addiction)

Happy Friday!!!

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