don't leave yet, summer

It's the first official day of autumn.... I am happy/sad. Happy that fall weather is here. Sad because after autumn comes winter!

I wore this outfit a week or so ago. The skirt is an eBay find. the top is from UO clearance rack. 
I love this skirt. It's a fun polka dot print... however with my postpartum belly, it has to sit high on my waist. it won't be appropo at work, even if I hide inside my white coat. 

As I publish this post, i should be on my first week/second day back at work. I am not stressed out about work itself. I am stressed out about morning prep with the children. Drop off is an anxiety trigger for me. I do have a child who is very..... slow..... in ..... the.... morning......

Hubs and i still work out in the morning and I want to keep up with that. I love my smoothies in the morning too... I wonder if they would be fresh-tasting if I blend them the night before... Any ideas? i already do not put powder/make-up on before drop off. I do it in the car before heading inside my office. I am always looking for ways to cut my morning prep. I get all my clothes picked out and ready the night before. I pack my pump bag as much as I can the night before. But the ice pack obviously has to be placed in the morning. 

Skirt, similar
Louis Vuitton,  Favorite in MM
Covergirl lipgloss in"text me"

Photos by: Daniel
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