how we met {Disis love story}

Due to popular demand (more like one request), I am finally writing the Disis love story.

People are always surprised when I tell them that Derrick and I met at the first ever dance marathon at IUPUI benefitting Riley Hospital for Children. It was a cold February Saturday night. I was with my bf. I was dating somebody else… Not Derrick. (check out a feature article here published on the univ website)

Ken, Derrick's best friend who was also our best man at our wedding, brought Derrick to the dance marathon with the intention of introducing us. I met Ken from freshman chemistry.  I invited him to join IUPUI student foundation and volunteer at the dance marathon. 

I was so excited to meet another Filipino. There are not a lot of Filipinos here in the Midwest or Indiana for that matter. Ken introduced his friend Derrick, looking obviously Filipino. I started talking in Tagalog! Derrick, sheepishly said: I don't know the language. My disappointment was so obvious. I only said: oh... Derrick told me later that he was upset with himself because he wanted to impress me at our first meeting. He felt bad that he could not speak the language.

I didn't really get to know or hang out much with Derrick that night. I was busy with the dance marathon as I was part of the steering committee. And let’s not forget the current boyfriend.  

One thing truly impressed me {something that really stuck in my memory bank}, Derrick and ken had to leave early the next day. They left before the dance marathon officially ended. Reason: Derrick and Ken went  to Mass. Derrick had to work in the afternoon so he can only go to mass in the morning.

That night was the start of our friendship. We became really good friends. Derrick became an active member of the IUPUI SF. In 2003, he became the chair of the IUPUI dance marathon. That was an amazing task and he did it. 

^^ Good friends from IUPUI SF steering committee. Derrick wearing his suit and tie and cool-looking glasses. the future blogger at the back^^

If you want to have a closer look, here you go.
SW (left), when she found out that we were dating in 2005: I knew it. You guys are perfect for each other. Just wondering why it just now happened. 

More IUPUI SF pictures
JR (middle): he gave us the name D-isis. 

^^During our WV retreat.. was this right before the washout?

more retreat exercises. sitting next to each other.. NO clue we will be dating in about 1.5 years.

During the TOP 100 Student banquet

I had no clue he liked me (more than a friend) initially. All of our friends knew. My sister knew. I was clueless. He told me years later that when it was looking like I was going to marry my bf, he pursued other interests and stuck to being my friend. I'm glad he did. He is an amazing friend. I invited him to birthdays, movies, dinners etc. my family knew him. I even sent a picture of us to my grandma with a caption at the back: Here's my good friend in college.

But God had better plans.

(Part II here)

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