alert: lotsa complaining below

I want to document this day. Because someday I want to look back and read this post and laugh out loud and make fun of my foolish self. Or maybe cry again. Anything. 

I don't plan much during the newborn period. But as I find that I have more kids, they have to be entertained. They have to get out of the house. There's just so much inside the house/family room time they could handle. 

I haven't had all 4 with me for a couple of days. For those couple of days, my only worry was feed baby, change baby, eat now while baby naps. 

I postponed going to the library for the nth time. I had to re-request a few books to put on hold. The first time they were out on hold, I couldn't make it out of the house.  I had to pay the fine. So no more procrastination. The children needed to redeem their summer reading points. 

Morning prep went so-so. Let's give it an A-. We didn't have a timeframe for our day plans so we left the house at 11a after feeding the babe. That's good enough. 

I give the trip to the library a B. There was a long line for book returns and points. It's also the time to redeem them. When else am I going back with my crew to redeem points? So I did that too. Sebastian was all over the place. Thank you Dad for watching him. I would not be able to watch a crazy toddler, a first grader on the computer and keep an eye on the stroller with the baby with Isabel at my side. So thank you girls. You are easy peasy at the library. You listened to mama. Lucy slept  like a hibernating bear. She made no sound, no squeak, no problems. 

Then we made it to my mom's for lunch. Grandma cooked Filipino food. I cannot really pass that up. 

The lunch was A+. But trying to feed my eldest while busy with the iphone/games and the arguing was a C. What happened to my sweet guy? Does the arguing and the complaining start at 6 years old? It must be in my family. 

The children barely ate which was the case when they're playing with their cousins. We had the park planned for the rest of the day. I had a craving for some Starbucks so we stopped by for decaf java chip frap. I give my drink an A+. The hungry bears requested a banana nut bread and the snacks for the park. I gave in. They missed Lola's lunch but I was not going to deprived them of food in general. 

I give the park experience a D. It's not a total fail but a D. It must be the heat and the stress of watching them altogether. Besides my brood of 4, we brought my nephew who is 5 months younger than Daniel. Those boys together SPELL TROUBLE. I thank Lucy's guardian angels for keeping her nice and quiet in the stroller. I was able to watch the boys and Isabel. My dad had to supervise Bastian 1:1. Poor kid was trying to keep up with the big boys and was always left behind. 

They asked for drinks because they were thirsty. Of course, we ran out. So off we went to the drinking fountain. More bickering and whining there. "It's my turn." "Let me do it (fill the water bottle)".  ahh, uh, ahh, SJ pointing to the fountain. 

I suggested we change scenery and go to the nature center. Halfway through, we saw the unshaded path. Isabel was already complaining. So we made a pitstop at the benches under several big trees. They played hide and seek for 5-7 minutes. Then isabel said: momma, I have to go pee. 

^^^Well, clarification. This happened first and then Isabel said she had to go pee. 

We did not really have a choice but trek to the nature center. Again, thank you dad for carrying Sebastian while I chased the other 3 with my stroller/sleeping baby. Right outside the restrooms was a tiny hallway enclosed by two double doors. It was tiny and everything echoed in the room. The boys were shrilling like girls pointing at the tiny spider hanging on its web about two feet from the floor. It was right at their eye-level. They were screaming and moving away from it. Oh, the headache continued. 

We trekked back to the benches and had to stop... It was one hot summer day. The kids played tag while I changed Lucy's dirty diaper. Amidst the whining and more arguing, we finished the rest of the walk back to the parking lot. 

I bet if you ask the kids they will rate the park experience an A+.  I, on the other hand, still gives it a D.

Now that I have typed all this, I look back and wonder why I am complaining.
-I had a free lunch. I did not have to cook.
-I had dad to help me out.
-nobody got injured. Nobody got lost. They whined and some of them cried but altogether, I think they had fun. 
-Lucy slept which made it easier for me to watch the other children. 
-I did not have to chase the boys while nursing a newborn. 
-Derrick was ok with take-out pizza for dinner and he loved the chicken spinach mozzarella pizza that I chose.

Anyway, I am done with my soapbox. 
Thanks for reading if you made it all the way down here.

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  1. Agggh! That sounds super stressful. I would complain too! I'll be your kids had a blast though. . . . I have a super-whiny 6yo too. Also, we have that same dilemma over and overagain. The kids won't eat when I give them lunch, so they're hungry an hour later, so it's either cave in and give them snacks, or survive the extreme grumpiness until the nextmeal. And I'm planning to stay inside and do nothing for months after this baby comes, but in all likelihood the girls will go stir crazy and we'll attempt some outings even w/ the newborn. . . .


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