what's in a name {Lucy Therese}

Since we have children’s names starting with our initials (Derrick = Daniel; Isis  = Isabel ; Sarah = Sebastian), what we have left is an L name that corresponds to Derrick’s middle name.

Girl names: we played around Lucia  or Lucy. The middle name was not solidified until about 2 days before I delivered. During one insomnia-filled night, as I laid there wide awake at 4a, I started praying and asked the saints for their intercession. I landed upon St. Therese of Lisieux.  I knew then and there,  that Therese is perfect for baby D4. I told Derrick and he agreed!

Other middle names we considered: Clare (my patron saint: St Clare of Assisi) vs Eirene (goddess of peace, similar pronunciation to my mom’s name, just different spelling) vs Mary-Clare (Virgin Mary + St. Clare)

Here are a few things about Lucy’s namesake.

Patron saint of: blind, martyrs, Italy, writers, salesmen, Throat infections
Syracuse, Italy

Feastday: December 13
Isis’ personal experience:  my best friend grew up in Sta Lucia, Sasmuan. The Kuraldal festival is a famous festival held every January 6th for St. Lucy’s feastday. Men and women dance around the streets and around the statue of Sta Lucia. Most notably, those experiencing infertility problems dance during the Kuraldal asking for St. Lucy’s intercession.

Aka, St. There of the Child Jesus, The Little Flower
Patronage:  florists and gardeners, pilots, loss of parents, Alaska, France, Russia, HIV/AIDS sufferers, Tuberculosis
Lisieux France

Feastday: October  1

She is a doctor of the Roman Catholic church. She stressed living by love. She chose the “little way” to serve our Lord and show her love to her Savior.
"Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love."

For my older children’s name origins:

Daniel (coming soon!)

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