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Hello Friday-eve!

I am joining the SQT crowd for my own quick takes a day early... 

1. This week is definitely family-week. My son celebrated his 6th birthday and lost two teeth in 4 days! My sister is still here for their summer vacation, and so is my grandma. My dad drove 13 hours to spend a week with us too. We travel in big groups now-a-days!

2. I am posting this early because tomorrow is a special day. Part II of the how-we-met story will be published! Right behind birth stories for my fave reads are How-We-Met novellas. I just read Kathryn's and I love it! I cannot wait till she posts the entire series. (disis how-we-met part I here)

3. So this has been circulating all over FB. My sis shared it so I finally read it. It goes through what doctors (even I) experience at work. I do not like it when I am behind. So I thank all my patients for their patience. I do take my time and make sure I do my best with their management. But I agree with the post, if there's a complaint, I would like to hear it... I am sure my staff/clinic will welcome constructive comments too. 

4. To answer your question: are you getting sleep?
yes and no. I have shifted my waking times bec of Lucy. Thank you, thank you, thank you to my FIL for taking the older 3 for a couple of days. TY also to my dad for watching them from7-9a while i rested with Lucy. My favorite time to watch her sleep is 7-9a. i just lay in bed, maybe doze off for a few mins, maybe read a little and then glance at her sweet face. I am in love. I forget that she is awake from 10p-1:30a. Like clockwork, she does not fail. 

She is 4 weeks old tomorrow. whaaa? so hard to believe. Didn't i just push her out?

5. Our friends are the best. They organized a care calendar to make sure our family is fed!
Here are a few recipes worth sharing:
  • Baked orzo with fontina and peas - my friend added roasted chicken. it's soooo good! 
  • Marinaded pork with mango salsa - recipe soon, I still haven't asked my friend for it.
  • Oatmeal cookies with dark chocolate and cherries - I probably linked the correct recipe, again I have to confirm with her. These are not too sweet which I like. And isn't oatmeal supposed to be good for nursing?
  • My mom and grandma have been so generous giving us Filipino food. We have enjoyed Beef Nilaga, Sopas, and Kare-Kare (you don't have to make this one with ox-tail. I make mine with regular beef meat). 
  • Since we have all those meals, I had a chance to bake these banana crumb muffins. SJ loves these muffins!

6. My blogger friend Christy and I are hosting the first physician moms blog hop on August 5th. I wrote a preview post this week. For my physician mom readers, make sure you join us and link your posts. it's all about introducing yourselves to the group for the month of August. If you know of any other physician mom bloggers, spread the word!

7. Photos I am sharing:
Other sources of joy outside my house...

Ha. A blog post sans children's photo or OOTD photo. Is this a first?
Happy Thursday, friends!

Thank you for reading! I can be found on:
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  1. Oatmeal's definitely good for nursing! I love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies - and since oatmeal is a breakfast food, it kind of makes me feel like I can justify eating cookies for breakfast ;)


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