don't write like your mama

To prevent rusty minds (and hands), we (thanks to Derrick) have been pushing Daniel to keep working on his writing. He has to practice his letters and numbers daily before he could play outside/his toys/Wii.

And honestly, I do not want him to inherit my handwriting!

He uses pencils just like any soon-to-be first grader. He picks up his pencil case and looks for the most colorful pencil. I don't think we even have the regular yellow banana looking #2 here at home.

I received these colorful pencils by BIC for free.  It did not take a lot of prodding from him to use them to practice his letters. They are just like your regular #2 HB pencils but with the added pizzazz! They have a two-tone color barrel. They are easy to erase if you make a mistake They are lead-free (of course!) and certified non-toxic. I was looking at the back ~ and they are made in FRANCE. (you know my love for french things ha)

I also have a little scribbler here at home. We did not have to teach him how to hold a pencil or crayon. He is a good imitator, following his older siblings. I have a feeling he will be an artist, painter, writer! I am impressed with his fine motor skills at 23 months old.

One lucky reader also gets a free set! Enter the giveaway below. If you win, I will mail your BIC XTRA FUN #2 pencils! I also have coupons to hand out. The winner will automatically get one coupon! If you want one, send me an email! I have a few to handout in person and via mail. 

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  1. I love to write with blue pens! And I've totally dropped the ball on teaching Evie how to write letters...something I need to start doing more!


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