paint night with chanel

Michael Kors Bradshaw watch 

I got a chance to dress up with this super old red dress and show off my new-to-me vintage Chanel during paint night. {little trivia} the first time i was away from my firstborn was when he was 6 weeks old. I could not even handle dinner with my hubs so we went for brunch instead.  Once you have your fourth child, I guess it gets easier to leave him/her at 2 weeks old. Granted, it was only 2.5 hours and my super amazing husband had her. Guess where they went after they dropped me off: Costco. Super amazing parent went shopping with his newborn. Brave soul.

Back to the  dress. It is older than my children's ages combined (6 + 3.5 + 22 months + 2 weeks) I am glad I kept it. It paired well with my Chanel.

I am a LOUIS girl. But every purse collector needs a Chanel in his/her repertoire of purses. I cannot justify a $5000 purse right now (or ever!) If only I bit the bullet 5 years ago, I could have gotten a new Chanel flap bag for $1500. Now they retail around $3000-5000. Even used ones are still out of my price range.

The consignment options for luxury designer bags boomed in the past few years. WIN for me. After spending time on websites, I found this vintage Chanel. It's in good used condition. The lambskin is so delicate that even if the previous owner took care of it (I am sure she did!), some minor scuffings still present. Best part, I spent only a fraction of the price of a new Chanel. Virtual fist bump y'all!

Now I am ready for a lot of date nights.

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  1. What a beautiful dress, and such lovely bag and shoes too! You look gorgeous!

    1. Thank you :)
      Can you believe the age of this dress?
      Thanks for stopping by


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