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I want to share something. I am a skirt and dress girl. In fact, I did not even own my first pair of denim until I was 12  years old! I wore uniform to school, which is a jumper (so skirt and not pants). I wore dresses to church. I wore them to my piano lessons, birthday parties, field trips, playdates… you name it!

I also have this need to have a “new” dress or outfit for special occasions. Maybe because my grandma always made sure my sister and I had new dresses for Christmas, Easter, graduation etc. So I continued that “tradition” now that I am older. If hubs and I have a planned trip, you’ll find me looking for dresses to pack in my suitcase. If I am attending a gala or reception, I want a new dress… But do not get me wrong. I am still a dress-repeater. That’s just how I collect dresses in my closet.

Who says that bridesmaid dresses cannot be worn after the wedding? In fact, I'm boldly suggesting why not next time you are looking for a cocktail dress for that special night, why not go to pickeddresses, an online wedding and bridesmaid dress store and get one?

Let me show you.

I'm in love with this lace dress with a-line skirt. So dainty and feminine. I'd totally wear this at a residency graduation. I will pair it with stilletos and my new Chanel purse.

This next one gives a little twist to the LBD. Look at the ruffles on the sleeves. I'm a sucker for delicate details. I'll wear this at the next wedding I'm invited to. It’s not too much but not too subdued either.

Hubs and I like some culture in our lives. This one is fancy enough for a night at the symphony or night at the opera. We still haven't been to an opera. That's in our bucket list… planned for 15 year or 20 year anniversary trip… preferably in France.

This one screams gorgeous. Imagine, a mother carrying her baby during baptism. I'd totally pick this dress and feel like a queen carrying my princess Lucy.

The only thing I foresee as a problem is... How am I supposed to nurse princess Lucy? I guess if nobody will help me cover with a huge nursing "blanket", my second option is this next dress. I am not overly crazy about this last one but it serves its purpose. It is sleeveless so it’s easy access for nursing. And to be modest in church, a cardi or wrap may be used to cover the shoulders.

Let me know if you find one to wear for a gala or reception or if you end up being a bridesmaid. Post it and share. Tag me, I'd like to see...

I cannot believe I just posted those photos above. Why not, right? I enjoyed browsing through our scanned pictures! They are so 80's.... And I spared embarrassing my sister. I did not include our even more hilarious photos together. 

Disclaimer: please be sure to check tailoring times as speedier requests are additional charge. The shipping charge is also quite hefty since the dresses are coming from overseas. I haven't bought a dress here yet so I wish I can add my experience to my review.

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  1. Reading this made me think of my middle daughter. She LOVESSSSSSSS dresses and whenever I pull out shorts or jeans she tells me "No I want to wear a dress!"

  2. This is perfect! I need a dress for the Marine Corps ball in Nov.

  3. These dresses are gorgeous! Great post dear...lovely pics..:-)

  4. I'm really loving your selections!


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