how we met {part ii}

In honor of Derrick's day of birth, I present to you the Disis story part II.
(here's part I)

When D-isis came to be...

There were a lot of changes in my first year of med school – as if starting med school is not enough change. I broke up with my college boyfriend. I moved an hour away from home because of med school. I met amazing friends…. I also went through rebound relationships (sadly). I dated a couple of guys in the span of 4 months. I was obviously trying to fill that empty hole.

Moving away from home and getting a break from my old life was something I needed – spiritually. I went through a reconversion. I recommitted my life to Christ after a dry dark spell.

It was a conversation with my dear friend (apartment neighbor and medschool classmate) that opened my eyes. Why do I keep dating nonChristian men if I truly want to marry somebody with the same faith? For somebody that you would think is smart – I was plain dumb. I was looking for love at the wrong places.

My friend handed me this book. I read it and took it to heart. The 5 qualities listed when looking for a husband is MY LIST! It’s the list of qualities I want for a husband. All along I was looking at random nice guys and hoping they will fit or change into those 5 qualities. My present self is telling my old self: hunny you are SO mistaken.

I prayed a lot and prayed for those qualities. Somebody who is Christian (even better if Catholic). Somebody who is a family man. Somebody who has life goals and taking action towards them. Somebody responsible with his money. Somebody I am attracted to. 

Come Christmas break, Ken called me asking if I have any plans. He told me about the group NYE trip to Chicago. He was pushing and pushing me to go. I mentioned that I was single for a good reason. Little did I know Ken was still on the match making game.

It was Christmas night. Ken picked me up and brought me to one of our friend’s house. Derrick was there playing Madden. Prior to me coming over (I found this out later) that he told Derrick that I was single and that was his chance. Derrick  actually said, no it’s ok. I am happy being her friend. (he told me later that he did not want to be disappointed again). Ken knocked him to his senses. (knocked figuratively, not literally). I do not remember staying that late Christmas night. But in retrospect, there were too many opportunities to “bump” into Derrick during that break to think that they were just coincidences. They were all planned by his best friend in hopes that there would be sparks that then would lead to something more. 

You can say it worked. The more I talked with him and hung out with him, I started seeing  him in a new light. It was truly the work of the Holy spirit answering my prayers. For once I asked for the right qualities instead of asking for a person to change. Derrick is a Catholic Christian. He loves his family (I have met his parents before and they speak to me in Tagalog). He has a “plan for work” and job lined up. He is frugal and responsible…. And am I attracted to him? Yes. I let the Lord worked in me and I let him opened my eyes to what I have been searching for. The person he has chosen for me has been in front of me the entire time.

The next few nights during break, Derrick called me or did I call him? We talked on the phone till 4am at one point. As if we did not know each other. I do not remember what we talked about but neither of us wanted to hang up. We have known each other for 3 years at that point. But we kept learning new stuff about each other.  We skipped the “what’s your favorite food? What’s your favorite color? What’s your pet peeve? What’s something I DO not like about you?” Derrick is one of those friends who actually was not afraid to speak up and point out my flaws. I needed that during my awful stage in college.

I did go to the NYE trip to Chicago. My hopes of being single did not last long. For once, I am not embarrassed to have started another relationship. It was the first few minutes of 2005 when we both decided to give this relationship a try.

^^we were doing selfies before it was cool^^

2 weeks later, give or take a few days, we both knew we wanted to get married.  Being the responsible child, he did not want to surprise his parents or give them a heart attack. I would have been alright getting engaged the next 2-3 months. But he was afraid they won’t approve (his parents eloped after meeting 2-3 months, I think they would have been okay. Ha)

We got engaged 10 months later.

And then in a year, I married him…

God does work in mysterious ways. The key was letting him take point and be captain. 

Happy birthday, my love. I hope I did not embarrass you too much by publishing our story. It's nice to reminisce what happened 10 years ( or 13 years ago). I cannot imagine life any other way. These 4 babies are keeping us busy! and I love it.
I love you.

P.S. if you're not embarrassed before, now you are!

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