accepting my curves + the postpartum bump

MK bradshaw watch // Badgley Mischka crossbody // midi ring via nordstrom

Michael Kors bradshaw watch // Badgley Mischka crossbody // midi ring via nordstrom

This dress was purchased months ago thinking it will work as a maternity dress. WRONG. I tried it on and my 30+ week belly then was not able to breathe. I tried it on a week after delivery and surprise, it fit me but it accentuated the postpartum belly. We can thank the duchess of cambridge for making it look acceptable to accentuate the postdelivery bump.

The uterus shrinks to about 20 week gestation post-delivery. And then throughout the 6 weeks, the uterus involutes (shrinks back) to its previous peach size. That's just amazing. It still blows my mind that women carry such a strong organ of muscles that stretches, then contracts to push the baby out, then clamps down to close arteries after placenta is delivered, then shrinks back to its previous size! pretty cool!

So what topics do we usually avoid talking about postpartum?
- the post bump bump
-afterpains: as if the pain of labor was not enough. everytime I breastfed, as I released oxytocin, I felt more uterine cramps. The hormone oxytocin helps contract the uterus to its previous size.
-lochia: vaginal bleeding. I am a doctor and blood does not bother me. but imagine lochia as a very very heavy period + added cramping + added soreness!
-vaginal soreness: with a 7 lb baby coming out, expect soreness. Therefore ice pads, witch hazel, benzocaine   sprays are your friend.
- postpartum depression: hopefully this is something we DO NOT have to avoid talking about. it is real. it is more than the baby blues and bouts of tearing etc. If the blues last longer, if you have trouble caring for yourself or your baby, if you have thoughts of harming your baby, let your doctor know.

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  1. great points! The changes aren't over once the baby comes out! . . . Still can't believe you are up and about and dressing up already. Pretty sure I'll still be in my PJs at this point. But then sometimes getting dressed nicely gives us the boost we need. :-)


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