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Christy and I are proud to announce the go-live of our first physician moms blog hop on the first Wednesday of August. We sent a survey on the PMG FB site and received encouraging comments. Sadly, for now, we do not have the option to add your FB posts here but  you could still posts your comments on the PMG FB site or you can use #physicianmomsbloghop.

our theme for August is: introduction. Introduce yourself to the blog-hoppers. Divulge as much info as you comfortably like. (you may even have a post about this already published on your blog!) Answer the old question: why choose medicine? Were you a doctor first then became a mom? or viceversa? 

The dates and prompts of our future linkups are:
September 2 - day in the life, you may want to share your clinic/OR day or your dayoff with your child(ren)
October 7 - What you wish you'd known before entering medical school...
November 4 - birth stories! Link them all up!
December 2 -Tips on how you handle work or call during the holidays. How do your child(ren) handle you being away?

start thinking of your post.  You may even publish your post now and just link them up when the blog hop goes live. 

We have two blog hop buttons. Choose one. Use one. Copy it. paste it on your blog! Spread the news about this new link-up. 



Here are a few "rules" of the link-up.
1. Add your post link, not the blog home page.
2. Make sure you leave a link back to your hosts so that your readers know where to read the rest of the blog posts. You may also use our button above and copy html on your posts.
3.  Follow your hosts: via bloglovin, Googlefriend connect, Instagram , twitter or facebook
4. Visit as many posts and  leave a comment.
5. Have fun and enjoy!

For those who are not familiar how to add your link, here's a step-by-step tutorial:

1. Scroll down to the end of the post. You will see the blue button: Add your link. Click the button

2. It will take you to this page.
I numbered the steps for you. First, paste the URL of your post (not the blog home page but the post link). Then 2 automatically fills according to your title. If you want to change it, you may. Next, provide your email address.

3. Here's what it looks like when I fill the boxes.
You will be asked to include an image. Select one.
Then hit DONE.

 4. You will get a chance to share the link-up via other social media platforms. If you want to skip this part for now, you may. You can also go back to the linkup... You may also add another link!

5. And if you scroll down, you will find your link added with your image selected!
That's it. you're done!

I hope to see you back here on August 5th. Link-up will go live at MN EST and will stay open for 30 days.

Thank you for reading! I can be found on:


  1. Hi Sarah! First of all, just wanted to say that I love your blog! I am a fellow Catholic mama (one daughter, age 18 months) and a med student. I came across your blog during my third year clerkships, when I was pregnant with my daughter and wondering just how we were going to make the whole motherhood + medicine thing work! Your blog has been a huge source of encouragement to me. It is so wonderful to see the witness of a physician mother open to life! Congratulations on the birth of Lucy - she is beautiful.

    So, after that long intro...just wondering, can med students participate in the physician mom blog link up? Either way, I'll look forward to reading the posts and hopefully discovering some new blogs!

    1. Oh thanks! I'm glad I can help someone with my posts :) and congrats! You're almost done with med school.
      About the linkup - yes, link up and join us! The more the merrier. See ya back here next week. Link up will go live 8/5 at MN.


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