This is not a sponsored post. I just like ChatBooks a lot that I have to share. 

^What's this, momma?

^ oh it's me. I am wearing Lucy's flower.^

^ Mommy, I see you. you got married. You're beautiful.^

^my 365 photo album

I finally printed my 365 photo project from 2014. I used instagram to document my #365photodisis. I heard about chatbooks from my sister. I was skeptical at first... but now so happy I did it! 

I printed the huge book of 365 photos. Then I subscribed to print my photos from my IG feed. This is your chance to get "grandfathered" in and lock your price of $6 per 60 page photobook for 2 years. in a few weeks, chatbooks will launch its version 2.0 and they will increase the price per book to $8. 

60 photos is the minimum number of photos for subscription photo albums. For custom books, you can add as many you'd like. You can go past 60 (like what I did on my 365 project). 

So subscribe now and get your first book free! 
use my code: JNY6ZVMN

Getting your subscription is easy. You will have to print your photos in chronological order. You can exclude the ones you do not want to print. I excluded the blurry ones and some food photos that I do not want to print. 

Right now, I have 20 volumes (!) of 60 photos each. The cool part is you don't have to buy all 20 volumes when you subscribe. You have the option to get 1 volume per month or 5 volumes per month or all 20 if you like. 

I chose the 5 volumes per month until I am caught up. Then once you hit another 60 photos, you will receive an email from chatbooks giving you 3 days to review your new volume before sending to the printing shop. 

The size is smaller than your usual photo albums from other online shops. But if you ask me, they are perfect for little hands. I find my children flipping through the pages several times already. They think it's a story book! which in fact, it is... it is the storybook of their life! 

I am already on my next chatbook project. I am making a  photo album gift for my grandma (shhh... I don't think she reads my blog). Since chatbooks let you use hashtags to collect your photos, I was able to find the children's photos easily and separate them.  I also added photos from my computer and iPhone though they were not on instagram. 

So subscribe now to lock in your price of $6/volume!
use my code: JNY6ZVMN
Not a sponsored post. I do get discounts if you use my referral code. Thanks.

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