Hallow's eve, all saints day, mystery reader {7qt}

1. Mystery reader
I was the mystery reader for Daniel's TK class. Here are my clues:
~I love pink and anything hello kitty.
~ I wear a white coat at work.
~I love to dance Zumba.

My mom thinks the clues were toooooo easy. Do you think they're dead give-aways?

Daniel was so happy to see me. I brought his favorite book: digging machines.
I love doing things like this at my children's school. Although I work tons, I want to be there for them. The joy on my son's face when I, the mystery reader, showed up was priceless.

2. Last week as a sahm
Way to finish my last week of maternity leave. Traveling, interviews, Halloween (that got postponed! See below) and more.
This maternity leave went by sooooo fast. I'm a mom of three kids, wow!

3. D trip
I'm still working on beautifying my over- and underexposed pictures so I can post them here.
Short story: Dallas is a wonderful city. Sebastian and Isabel did great.
Long story: come back here in the next few days for pictures.

4. Blessed weekend
Sebastian's baptism is this weekend. What a little blessing he is. I talked about how he slept during security check and boarding here.

I wish my christening gown was preserved. So it may handed down to generations to come. We got Isabel a beautiful christening gown. It has flowers so unfortunately, Sebastian won't wear a gown with flowers. He and his dad won't forgive me.

5. Halloween
The city of Indianapolis just moved trick or treating! It was a rainy, breezy, cold day yesterday. Storms all day and all evening. trick or treating is moved to tonight.
I'm ok with it. Honestly.
It was a busy day yesterday. I was glad to spend a quiet rainy night inside the house instead of dressing up.

6. All saints day
Sebastian and I went to All Saints day mass while super girl Isabel spent one-on-one time with her Lola.

I so needed attending mass today, receiving the Eucharist and singing the litany of saints. I have lot on my mind. Deliberation and prayers..... Tons of prayers.

The priest gave a little history about halloween aka hallows eve which means holy evening. It is the holy evening prior to all saints day. So the city might have moved trick or treating but not "Halloween" per se. It's still All saints day today.

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    1. Happy Halloween! Hope your trick or treating was successful:-)

    2. Aw, that classroom mystery idea is so cute, and Isabel looks adorable in her outfit!


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