summer update + a giveaway! {7qt}

1. Daniel finished his weeklong morning baseball camp.

He asked: is Baseball camp over?
Me: yes
D: good...
Me: how come? you did not enjoy it?
D: it's a lot of running. I get tired.

The afternoon  camp was "DIY backyard party." They had summer olympics on Monday; Fairy garden tea party on Tuesday; Pajama/camp night party on Wednesday; Luau on Thursday. He missed the summer olympics party because he mistakenly went to robotics and followed the 5th graders. His favorite party was the Luau. They had an inflatable pool and went "swimming." they also drank pina coladas.

^His least favorite position

2. Swimming lessons are going well for the older three. Isabel is getting better with his bobs with almost* full exhalation when underwater and then inhalation when above water. They were ready to advance her to the next level yesterday but she said she did not want to. When asked why: she likes her current teacher and if she advances to the next level, she does not want to leave her. awwwww...

Daniel is getting better with his floats and glides and his kicking.
Bastian has made the greatest improvement. First class was horrible with lots of crying, "I don't want to go to the water" etc. etc. Now I only ask him once and he goes to the edge of the pool and approaches his group.

It's sad for Lucy to watch them. She wants to join and jump into the pool. But for children younger than 2, a parent must swim with them. Derrick and I did not want to do that this year. poor Lucy.

3. some finds from my recent ASOS haul:

Off the shoulder mini dress with lace hem
Ruffle Flute sleeve top
Curved hem Boyfriend Tee

4. I enjoy making the girls wear matching dresses. Here are a few cute ones from Old Navy.
click on thumbnails/direct link

5. I am so behind on my videos... but isabel had her dance recital 2 weekends ago. I finally uploaded her dance number here.

6. I finished the 11th season of BONES. While waiting for season 12 at the library, I decided to try Sleepy Hollow.  my take after two episodes down --- I am not enjoying it. I want to give it a chance. Maybe it will be more interesting and LESS creepy and scary? but so far, it's only making me more scared.

I am looking for recommendations for TV series... please, do share!

7. Finally... a giveaway!
A couple of years ago, I watched God's not Dead. I was surprised that the acting was fine. Sometimes Christian movies can have "bad acting." This one was not bad at all.  I borrowed God's Not Dead 2. It's not as great as the first one but it did lead me to get this book which I am liking very much.

If you like criminal cases type of TV series or books -- like BONES or CSI or Law and Order, you will like this book. It was written by a homicide detective whose expertise is solving cold cases.  He started as an atheist --wanting to prove/disprove the Gospel accounts. He used "forensic statement analysis" to figure out if witnesses were/are telling the truth -- if Jesus is truly God who resurrected from the dead.

So for this giveaway -- you can win a copy of Cold Case Christianity or  2 value pack of God's Not Dead and God's not Dead 2!


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  1. Book. Sounds Interesting!

  2. I would like the DVD

  3. Book sounds really interesting!

    Also, I'm in the same boat with swimming lessons- I think Heidi would like them but a parent has to be with her and that's just not possible right now.
    Great Asos haul!

  4. I would love the DVD so I can watch it with others

  5. I would love the DVD to share

  6. I'd prefer the book, as we've already watched the movies. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Tracy Shafer6/25/2017

    I would love to win the book please

  8. Book please and thank you. What a blessing.

  9. I would prefer the DVD.

  10. I would love to win God's Not Dead. I love that movie.

  11. Book ~ avid reader of this genre

  12. The dvd, I really like one but that way you can rewind and watch over and over


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