traveling with a baby {Philly trip photo diary day 1}

^ Lucy blowing raspberries!

same hallway. same mom, different baby

plaid top, old || similar
booties, old || similar

This cutie is such an angel. She made it very easy to travel with us. This was her first time on the plane. She either slept or nursed. She did not fuss -- except when I took away her paci (aka mommy).

For future travelers with babies - Ring slings are not TSA-friendly.  I used this before when I took Sebastian  to TX for a work interview. I thought they will have to ask me to un-"wrap" him. They let me through the scanner and then checked my hand for residue (? flammable residue, i assume?)

 I used the ring sling instead because the moby was too hot and too much material. 

Moby wrap was TSA friendly. Ring slings not. I had to give Lucy to hubs. Good thing it was an easy transfer. After security check, during those long walks from one gate to another and Lucy was not loving the stroller anymore, then the ring sling was not a problem. 

we got out of our hotel and started walking around downtown Philly. We found this tiny restaurant serving ramen! oh my -- it was good!

Where we stayed: 
We stayed at the Windsor suites which is apartment type of hotel. our room has a full kitchen. I love hotels with microwave and fridge. We take leftovers with us. It's great to have a fridge to save the food and then microwave to heat it up. 

I only wished I was more prepared. I have been eating healthy and all the sodium and grease during the trip did not help. 

Baby stuff:

Backpacks are essential when traveling with a baby. We checked in our biggest luggage. Then hubs and I each had a backpack. I brought a handbag as my personal carryon. Hubs had a smaller carryon which mainly had Lucy's clothes, my ipad keyboard (because I am a nerd and I used it to type notes), my extra handbag. We brought the carseat + base and stroller. yes it was annoying having to carry the carseat but as soon as it's checked in (it's free!) we didn't have to worry about it anymore. 
Glad we brought it because Lucy slept in the carseat and Derrick was able to go around and sightsee while I was at the conference. We also took the cab to and from the hotel. therefore the carseat was essential. 

Here's the video summary of day 1.

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  1. Wow! You are such a rockstar. Love the outfit. :)


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