day 2 philly trip {photo diary}

Top, old
Tube top, old, used as cami
Leopard Booties, old || similar

This is the first full day at the conference. I decided on pattern mixing. retrospect, outfit is a bit TOO much pattern mixing. Animal prints... polka dots... stripes? really?
There's also lace peeking through.
Not shown is my plaid check bag. 

too many patterns. 

The convention center is across the street from the famous Reading terminal market. We walked around there and it was busy (of course!) during lunch. I got some indian food! yumm!

This conference ran late special interest groups. There was no way I would be ok until 8p without a snack.... we went to Dim Sum garden as recommended by a few folks. I had soup dumplings for the first time. 

For dinner, we found a sushi place a block from the convention center. we saw the LONG wait line and decided we better move on. We went back to the shopping district and found this sushi burrito place next to the ramen place we went to the night before! we thought about Italian but again the wait was crazy. the sushi burrito place ended up being a good choice. Mine had fresh veggies. The salad is not drenched in sauce. Just the grass for this grass-loving mama. 

For day 1 head here!

Shout out to my nephew, N for a happy 6th birthday!
kisses, kisses and kisses, young man.

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