a look back to 2015

It's the last day of 2015. Less than 12 hours from now, we will be ringing in the new year.
Disis and the crew has been so, so blessed this year. Specially with the arrival of baby Lucy and also my grandma's summer visit.

I have chosen 12 outfits to remember 2015. It was hard having to choose.
I also added a few key photos.... (so I had more than 12 here... just in case you are counting)

I am still hiding the belly here. we have told family and friends about the pregnancy but haven't announced it on social media. It was fun "keeping it as a secret".

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By 20 weeks, we made the baby D4 announcement. 

I love this outfit because I had to change my gameplan when the belly could not fit in the Easter outfit I had planned. The pink cardi is old. The maxi dress is a repeat from D3's pregnancy.
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I love this cape and the wedge heels I wore a ton while pregnant.

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Then it's my last mother's day as a mom of 3....
Sebastian did not have a clue he was going to be dethroned.

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Maxi dresses are the best during pregnancy.. and after pregnancy...

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Then Lucy There is born!

Maxi skirts -- yes please!
It was a great collaboration with my sis. She's the one who took the photo below. I needed a lot of coaching. I was very awkward.

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This is what I wore on Lucy's Baptism.
Black dress + red heels + red bag = perfection

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I love these Topshop pants. They fit like leggings. They have ripped knees. They are pants!

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We did not go anywhere (just the two us) on our anniv this year... We usually leave for a couple nights/weekend on our anniversary. We went to dinner though at a fancy steakhouse and I wore this cute high-low dress.

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Just like what I said, maxi dresses during pregnancy. maxi dresses after pregnancy!

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I got a new curling wand... so I had more "fancy hair" ootd's towards the end of the year.

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Hubs and Lucy joined me in Philly for AES conference.
What a fun downtown.

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I have also worked with several amazing companies.
Thanks so much, Lisa, HatchPrints, Lily and Mama Market, Freshly Picked, Catholic Threads, Axis Mundi, Small Saints for Little Hands .

Thank you for supporting this blog! You guys are the best readers.
Happy NYE to you and yours.

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