how we party as a first grader

As room parent, I get to organize class parties. My first graders had their 2nd of 3 parties. (First one was Halloween -- but I missed it since I had to work. hence the lack of photos).

There were 4 stations. I had two other moms volunteer so that helped me and the first grade teacher. 

Station 1 - Christmas cards
The class made cards to give to  children hospitalized at our local hospital. I am so proud of their work. I brought the cards last week to the charge nurses of the surgical unit and the general peds floor. They were thrilled to receive such thoughtful cards. I wish I could share the photos of the nurses or the children getting these cards -- but we have to protect their privacy. 

Station 2 - dress up Santa
I asked the parents to donate black and red streamers, bags of cotton balls and masking tape. The children each took turns getting dressed up as Santa. They had to be creative making santa's suit and beard etc.  (I was in the other room so  I have no pictures to share)

Station 3 - no sew sock baby Jesus
I followed Lacy's craft. 

I bought all the materials from Walmart.
rubber bands
lunch paper bags
cotton balls
boys socks size small - crew cut/long ones
scissors (from the class)
not shown (pink and black sharpies)

The first graders were so proud of their baby Jesus. I taught them how to swaddle their baby. They wanted to draw Jesus' face on their own. One even had hair peeking out of the hat. 

Station 4 snacks!
Christmas cookie and popcorn and juice

The children had so much fun. It was another successful party!

--Join me tomorrow for the What we wore on Christmas link-up. I'd love to see your reds and greens and golds! If you'd like, share the Christmas feast and treats and the gift wrapping clean-up or aftermath of Christmas morning! :)

see ya. 

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