Christmas beauty {wiws}

Happy Feast of the Holy Family!

Our pastor made a bold statement at Mass -- that the Holy Family is a pro-choice family. hep, hep hep. Before the internet gets wild, pro-choice not as our secular world defines pro-choice. (ie choice to kill innocent babies) but pro-choice as in:  "choice for God, for creation, for life, for salvation, and a choice for one another, that is, a choice for family. This is completely contrary to the proabortion mentality."

Our church is beautifully decorated this Christmas season. The poinsettias are so vibrant. The greens are beautiful. The nativity is magnificently put-together... as usual!

It's been raining here all weekend. Hence the Hunter rainboots and lack of big camera photos.

Lucy also watched Star wars with me and hubs. it might be our last time taking her to the movies -- as she was squealing and talking to the big screen. Specially when she saw/heard BB8, she went crazy.

we were alone at our after-Mass hang out. 
I was talking to the owner here while hubs took my "what I wore Sunday" photo. 

Enjoy the twelve days of Christmas, friends!

"God chose us from eternity to be His children. When sin threatened our relationship with God, He took responsibility for us: He chose to send us His own Son, Jesus Christ, as one like ourselves. Jesus chose the will of the Father to lay down His life for us, and He makes this choice of love new for us in every single celebration of the Eucharist. Family life is not easy, and requires constant renewal of our choice for God and for each other. " Fr. GR

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