woe of a breastfeeding mom

disclaimer: as the title implies, I will be talking about bodily fluids, nursing, breastfeeding, plugged ducts etc etc. if that's not your thing (and that's fine) feel free to skip this post... hasta luego!

This post should have been -- the more problems I have with pumping, the more depressing my day seem to be, the more I take selfies!

similar pink dresses, so cute!

rest of outfit details: 
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similar pink dress
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I was in a bad mood all day.... you know why? I kind of hinted that on my title... I battled my first plugged duct for this nursing season. I had a lot of them with sebastian because of my fast let-down and his latch.I have been fortunate that it took 4 months of nursing Lucy before ducts issues started.

again.. i think it's her latch. she wants to see everything that is going on around her. I have to feed her in a quiet place. sometimes I cannot do that though. I have to watch Sebastian and have to help the older children with their homework.

I bookmarked some websites that help me get through plugged ducts.
Even more so, I utilize the lactation consultants hotline. I am lucky our hospital has LC's available. If you're a new mom with nursing probs or questions, ask the hospital where you delivered and you might be lucky and find an LC who can help you troubleshoot.

so back to the websites:

I read this site a lot! i found it very helpful.
and LLL also has a page for plugged ducts.
I have tried this feeding method that I first heard from Katrina. But she must have deleted the post from her blog... because I could not find it!!!

I have seen posts about lecithin. I have not tried it... if you are thinking of using it, consult your doctor and your baby's pediatrician first.

Since I am pro-breastfeeding, I wrote this post a couple of years ago....

So I guess that's it for this one...
enough talk about boobs.
insert monkey with hands over mouth emoji.

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