day 3 Philly {photo diary}

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To enter the giveaway and win this blanket scarf I am wearing here....

^ again, no guts no glory.
A passerby from the other side of the street was looking/staring and smiling at me. We were at the median (gasp!) taking photos. 

Thanks, Tita Ross for this warm bundting! It was given to Isabel and now it's Lucy's!

^Ben hard at work. 

Tunic sweater, old || this one is less than $40
Cardi, old || this one is only $26! this one has a vintage look. I LOVE IT!
Eternal ruby lipstick 
Booties, old  || Ninewest ||  RL || Vince Camuto
Handbag, use code DISISD for 5% off
Blanket scarf, enter the giveaway to win yours!


The hotel was 0.6 mile away from the convention center. That gave us the opportunity to walk around downtown and explore. Just two blocks from the hotel is the Christmas Village and LOVE park.  The Love sign is not that big. I was a bit disappointed. The Love sign at the IMA is much bigger I think.

Just like our downtown, there are carriage rides in downtown Philly.
Lucky us. It was a mild weekend. I did not even wear my coat during the day. The tunic sweater and the cardigan are enough. I brought my blanket scarf and I was good to do.

Where we ate

I was still craving sushi. So for lunch we stopped by the small sushi place that was packed the night before. I had the nigiri lunch. Hubs ordered salmon bento box. The price is similar to our sushi restaurants here. 

Funny because hubs and I were both craving steak! so we had fancy expensive steak downtown. Poor Lucy had enough of our European late-dinner. Because the conference finishes late, we don't really eat until 8p. That meant we were out and about at 10p. That's pretty late for us oldies. haha

Mass at the cathedral
Because my Sunday was pretty full at the conference, we went to Vigil mass at the Ss Peter and Paul Cathedral where Pope Francis visited.  That's where I found the prayer book that I am giving away. 

See the video below. The basilica is so pretty. it's a block away from our hotel. 

Here's the video recap:
My voice/pitch goes up higher after a few glasses of wine. Yikes. 

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