stethoscope stories {physicians blog hop vol 5}

welcome back to our link-up.
This month's prompt is about working during the holidays. 

How do you handle calls/work when all/most of your family members are off?
How do you celebrate the holidays with your children when you have to go in the hospital?
What is your favorite holiday to work? Christmas or New Year?

As a resident physician, I did not have a choice about working during the holidays.  At least in our program, we were given the chance to put our first choice. During intern year, I chose to work during Christmas. We were expecting that year and I wanted to get Christmas off during my eldest's first Christmas (planning ahead!)

Second year - off Christmas (yippee!)
Third year - worked during Christmas
Fourth year - gave up Christmas for a colleague, so I worked during Christmas again
Fifth year - off Christmas
Sixth year - off Christmas

Which one did I enjoy -- Christmas or New Year's at the hospital?
I enjoyed Christmas at the hospital. The atrium is decked out with the large Christmas tree. There is a donated Christmas dinner for patients, family and hospital staff. There are volunteers singing carols. The Colts visit the children. It's just fun at the hospital during the holidays.

The census was also "lighter" compared to the after Christmas boom. People just want to stay at home or be discharged early for Christmas. 

I have worked the other half of the holidays (ie NY week) and the hospital and ER got pretty full. I worked NY Eve on my Emergency Med shift. We turned on the TV and counted down in one of the patient rooms. A nurse handed out festive headbands. We toasted with grape juice. Few minutes later, we were back on the clock with our game faces on. It was nice to have a quick break greeting the new year even though we were at a stressful environment. 

It was difficult at first having to explain to my family that I had to work during Christmas. They expected that I will get it off. (My husband understood). I was lucky I got Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as call off nights. I still had to come in during the day but at least I did not sleep at the hospital. That already was a blessing! I knew I had to pay my dues. Somebody has to cover the hospital. 

How about you? How do you handle holiday coverage?
Any stories you'd like to share? Any memories about working during the holidays?

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  1. Great post! I always ended up working Christmas because New Year's is my mom's birthday, and we always tried to make sure we went home to Michigan to celebrate with her. Now that they live with us, it makes things much easier. Does your hubby typically have to work over the holidays as well?


    1. Oh my lucky husband. He has all federal days off. Haha.

  2. Working holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) is seriously my greatest fear about medical school. It's just that they are SO important to my family. But I know it is inevitable and, in the end, will be worth it.

    1. Holidays are also very impt for my fam specially Christmas. Just keep a positive attitude. I told myself during the difficult times that when I touch the body of a patient, I touch and serve the body of jesus. :)

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