Last day in Philly {photo diary}

The conference did not offer breakfast or morning coffee (gasp!)
A block from our hotel is a starbucks (just across the street from the Christmas village/LOVE park). We stopped by there twice. I got my usual soy vanilla no-foam latte. 
on this last morning in Philly, I also grabbed oatmeal. 

I ate the oatmeal in the courtyard inside city hall. The Philadelphia city hall is the largest mucinipal building in the country (I believe it!). The architecture is beautiful and fancy.

As evidence by these instagram shots.


Gloves via zulily
Top, BR
Handbag || for 5% off use code DISISD 

Where we ate:
I had lunch with my coworkers. we went to a pho place a block away from the convention center. It is at the edge of Chinatown.  it was good! again the prices are reasonable and similar to the ones here in town. 

For snack: hubs got me a super yummy philly pretzel! It got cold by the time I ate it but it was still soft. I blame the butter.

Dinnertime - we were already at the airport at this point.
airport food is nothing fancy. 

Traveling home
it's great to come back home. Several passengers praised Lucy since she was a quiet baby who just nuzzled and cuddled with me.  There were no delays on our flights. yippee.

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