happy feastday Lucy! {wiws}

chambray shirtdress, mine is from ON and sold out || similar
pink puffer vest, old ||  similar
St. Lucy pendant, c/o Axis Mundi
Wedges, similar
Earrings, gift from Lucy's godmom

68 degrees in December? in the midwest? am I sure I am not vacationing down in FL or something? It is truly in the 60s here! hence the exposed legs... I would have worn sandals but my toenails are in bad need of a pedicure. 

It's Gaudete Sunday and St. Lucy's feastday! I had to incorporate something pink/rose for my WIWS outfit. I did not need to wear the puffer vest. It's warm enough. 

Follow us on instagram and snapchat (DISISD is the username) as we will be celebrating our first St Lucy's feastday. I am making cinnamon bread (not from scratch, like my talented baker-sister). I went to the pillsbury section and got something with creamcheese icing.  I am following Lacy's instructions.  I hope mine turns out edible. 

Have a blessed Gaudete Sunday! 

if you haven't entered the giveaway, do it now :)

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  1. Such a cute look! Love the color of the vest.


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