this could have been a Christmas outfit

Guess sunnies
Open cardi, similar
Booties, similar
LV damier pochette
blanket scarf via ShopBellaC

It's Christmas week y'all!
Are you all done with your Christmas shopping and gift-wrapping?

We are still receiving packages -- thank you all! thank you for sending presents to my crew. They are loved!

We do not have nosy kids (not yet!) they have seen presents underneath the tree but they do not try to open them or bug us about what's inside.

Good thing my children do not read the blog... because I can share with y'all what the children have underneath the tree!

I was in charge of the stocking stuffers. Derrick was in charge of the "wishlist".  Hubs changed his mind last minute though. He got this for Daniel instead. It was still in his wishlist. It would have been this but Lolo (my dad) got him the blaster already.

Isabel's request is a little harder. My dad asked me to get Isabel's request. These shopkins are almost all sold out on amazon. Most of the ones under $10-15 are not in stock till after Christmas.  Remember the crib or the high chair for Isabel? Those are sold out...

Thanks, Lolo, for Sebastian's chalkboard. He is our scribbler. He can practice his letters and numbers.

How about Ms. Lucy? I went for the practical gifts. My husband and I got her clothes.... and per my dad's request, I also got her more clothes! aren't these jeggings soooo cute? how about this dress?

as for Stocking stuffers ~~
ha.... the kids are in for a surprise. I went practical = clothes

For the Girls

For the Boys

These DVDs are waiting for them. Two are from $4-5 shelf at Target. One from Costco.
For Daniel
For Sebastian
For Isabel

Come back on Christmas Day for our What we wore on Christmas link-up! It will be live on Friday at 6a... I will update it with our outfits once I get a few breaks here and there. (maybe once the children are playing with their toys??? maybe... if I am not busy cleaning up the wrapping paper!)

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