Christmas day {iphone photo diary}

3p: We went to Christmas Eve Children's Mass... It was a full house. We got there an hour before Mass because the older two dressed up as shepherd and angel for Las Posadas.

Glad we could make this into a tradition. Sebastian wanted to dress up but he is still a little bit too young to follow directions and stand in front for 15-20 minutes. Next year, he will be an angel... or a shepherd.

But lucky him, he had a photo with mummy!

Lucy was asleep again so she missed a family photo in church.
So we made it up with her after dinner!

6p: Christmas Eve dinner with my in-laws (thanks for dinner, mom and dad)

8:30a: This morning was a great morning. The children did not get up until 8:30a (!!!) they were up late! Must be the excitement! Before the presents frenzy began, I started making these which was a hit for the kids and hubs.... and popped this in the oven.

This photo did not give this french toast justice. 
It's. so. good. 

Who else got shopkins for Christmas?
Santa, Lolo and Lola all gave Bellie shopkins.

Video dump:

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  1. Sounds like a great holiday, and that casserole looks amazing! Merry Christmas!


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