weeklong review {selfie photo dump}

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Day 1
when I wear my dansko's you know I MEAN business!
sometimes i think they are dark clouds though. My first day on service, I was at work until 6:20p. I spaced it out that D and D have boyscouts that evening. So I rushed back home and made it on time (6:54p) just so they could leave. 

These dansko's are limited edition. I heart them.
how can you not heart python dansko's???

I had memories of this hospital as a third year student doctor, as an intern, as a neurology resident. I slept in the old trauma call room. I visited the old anatomy lab conference room. 
bye-bye hospital. 

Seeing my reflection is just tempting. Don't tempt me by placing mirrors like this!
because selfies are bound to happen!

Day 2
Christmas is in the air here at the hospital.   

Day 3
There's a lot of walking involved when I am on service. My desk is on the other end of the wards. so there's hallways and hallways that's great for thinking and expanding my differential diagnosis.... or my mind wanders off and snapchat my walks.

I sent this to my sister... I don't know, just cause.

Day 4
it was not a fun morning waking up with a worsening cough and cold. 

Day 5
Finally, the last day of the ward week!
I made it!

phone case
Colts jacket - thanks auntie Feli
free sparkly bag - my pump bag + lunch bag, just in case you're wondering what's inside! heeehee.scarf

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