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I am not really a resolutions type of person. I just want to be "better" at everything. plus, reassessment can be a monthly, weekly or daily thing... I choose to resolve and get better everyday... Because, honestly, who does not fail? I do. I fail. I don't want to wait for a new year to change my habits or keep moving forward when I fail.

Saying I want to be better at everything is so generalized. But I need to be better at everything anyway. Better at my prayer life. Better at being a wife and mom. Better at being a doctor. Better at sticking to my healthy eating and working out.

Here's what I am doing so far to get "better" at my goals:
-- I joined the adult coloring book bandwagon. I got this coloring book because I get scared just seeing this. I am not a patient person (there you go, i also want to be better with that virtue!) and the artwork for this coloring book is not so intense. I also found that I meditate on the Scripture when I color. plus, I am more of a "doodler colorer". I am not an artist at all.

-- I have my husband as my workout partner. It's so helpful to have a workout buddy. I am not the only one waking up in the morning to sweat it out (specially after waking up several times bec of the kids who do not sleep through the night. ugh.) Besides the baby, there's a certain toddler who has nightmares and night terrors almost every night.....

-- My friend agreed to be my study accountability person. I need to be on top of my continuing medical education (aka CME). Just like with other aspects of my life, it's great to have support to be successful. (Thanks my dear HL!)

-- As much as I love to blog, I also have to limit my blogging to 20 minutes a day. It's not the typing my thoughts down that take forever with blogging. I do not even edit my photos. I just resize them. But downloading photos from the big cam, resizing them, then uploading them plus typing an entry -- those things add up minutes. Then I find links here and there for outfits and I get distracted... Therefore, I need to limit my "blogging" to 20 minutes. If I finish a post or two under 20 minutes then awesome. If I get a half draft of one and my 20 minutes is done, that's fine too.

 I already started doing this. I set up my alarm on my phone to remind me that when the timer goes off, I am done with blogging. So far, I like it. It becomes a treat and relaxing therapy when I sit down and turn on the computer.

-- cuddle my kids more, kiss them more, whisper i love you more.

And with that, I think my 20 minutes today is up!

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