seven favorite drugstore make-up items

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My new obsession:

watching youtube make-up videos! I like their channel.... and her channel (she's half Filipina so I can see what works for her skin tone before I go to Target).... and thanks to my sister for telling me about this channel. I am very impressed with their work of art.

Here are my fave drugstore products right now....

1. foundation 
I am scared of liquid foundation. I get intimidated by it. hence I watch youtube make-up tutorials.
So happy i found my color. But this is my "winter" color. I get tanned and bronzed in the summer. i anticipate moving to caramel beige when that happens, or maybe something darker...

My foundation is Loreal LUMI True Match in Sun Beige, W6.
I am finding more and more that the LUMI version makes my oily skin even shinier (ugh!) so I am looking for a new matte product out there. I am thinking this one....  if you have any suggestions let me know. Otherwise, the Loreal Foundation is awesome and easy to apply. It's not heavy at all on my face. I use a pressed powder to set the foundation and cross my fingers that the shiny T-zone areas would not blind my patients by lunchtime.

2. bronzer
Helps me look like I have color after powdering my face. This is a winner in my book!
Mine is the sun bronze, Rimmel London bronzer.

3.  baby lips lip balm
This lip balm smells so good! it's sparkly. i love sparkly lip gloss and lip balm.
Mine is the crystal kiss Maybelline lip Balm.

My medical assistant told me not to get intimidated with make-up. I said: "I don't have 30 minutes in the morning to put make-up on." She said: you just have to have the right tools.

oh yes, she's right (dear HP, you know who you are! if you are reading this! you've got me converted). This brush is amazing for blending foundation and concealer.

There are other cool real techniques brushes out there. I haven't used the sponge yet... I will let you know if it's as good as the expert face brush. Right now, I am trying to get comfortable and efficient with the brushes.

before youtube videos, I haven't heard of primers at all. what are these things? they are supposed to be moisturizing and hydrating and as a base for your foundation. I thought foundation is the base already but, there's the primer now. Primer first --->> then foundation.

Mine is the e.l.f hydrating primer infused with vitamins A,C and E.

6. mascara
I don't wear mascara on a daily basis. I wish I can... My eyelashes are sparse and bottom ones are pretty much nonexistent. With my seasonal allergies, my eyes get so itchy and sometimes (well a lot of times) i end up scratching my eyes... oops. I don't want mascara smudges on my face! but on special occasions, I wear mascara...

mine is the maybelline colossal volume express mascara.

7. new lipstick!
i love red lipsticks. I tried pinks and nudes but they are just not my signature. When I wear nude or pink lipstick, I might as well just wear lip balm or lip gloss....

My new tube of red lipstick is Covergirl in HOT. 

click on the photos to get your own!


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