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The second reading is my most favorite Scripture.  I was very honored to read it at one of my best friend's wedding in 2014.

that at the name of Jesus
every knee should bend

of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth...

Dansko limited edition
clogs in python

ring from zulily

Lent is also coming to its last week -- the holiest week.
It's easy to get into the secular version of Easter. The one without Jesus. The one that focuses only with the Easter bunny and chocolates and egghunts.

I do not want that for my children.

After Palm Sunday Mass, while hubs was finishing his usher duties, the children and I went around the church to go over the stations. We haven't done our own stations at home, just in school.

I hope to do it one more time before Good Friday. We use this book.

old, old, very old dress pants from NYCo
the last couple of dress pants I have kept 
because the midsection just kept expanding.

Hubs and I painted at a cookies and canvas class. I made a boy bunny and he painted a girl bunny for the children. I don't have to worry about the children's Easter Baskets (thank you, thank you, my-inlaws and Auntie Feli). I am a lucky mom. I still want to do something special for my children. When i saw the bunny class offered, I asked hubs to paint it with me.

I do not want my children to just remember the bunny though.

So today, thanks to Lacy, I went outside my comfort zone (aka allowing some fingerpainting and a little bit of mess) and we made our Holy Week in handprints.

We still have to finish the details on our paintings. We are letting them dry right now. It ended being a good thing. Their attention span could only handle a few minutes of fingerpainting. The catechizing will have to continue tomorrow.

... and every tongue confess that
Jesus Christ is Lord,
to the glory of God the Father.

Phil 2:10-11

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  1. Those are some killer Dansko clogs! (pun...not intended...pythons...killers...anyway)
    The other day I asked Annie what happens on Easter Sunday and she said "The Easter Bunny comes and..." and I nearly cried! I have NO idea where she even HEARD about the Easter bunny, since we haven't read anything secular about Easter, etc. It must've snuck into some Curious George episode that I don't remember, or something, but I was MORTIFIED and am bound and determined this week to drill the scripture story into her head, lol. Not really. But I went to the library and got out every Christian-enough Easter book I could get my hands on for us to pore over, since she LOVES books. Here's to hoping we get more than the bunny aspect out of Easter :/

    1. Introducing the Easter Bunny is our fault too. The Egg hunt we go to every year is sponsored by our deanery's highschool. An HS student dresses up as the bunny and the children get photos taken. (similar to Santa....) I am with you. I pray my children get more than the Bunny out of this wonderful season!

    2. Oh no!! We've managed to avoid the Easter Bunny, despite some books we have that talk about it... But we also have ridiculously realistic kids who realize that talking bunnies are not a thing ;) Good luck!

  2. I love this outfit so much! I'm a huge fan of neutral colors and I adore New York and Company.

    Also, I feel the same way about Easter. So important that kids know the true meaning. Good for you momma! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Love the clogs and the beautiful tree. We have one of those in our yard and ours is just beginning to bloom. Love that you did the Stations after Mass. I wish I had thought of that today, though we had to clear out for the next Mass because of the longer reading today. Hope you have a great Holy Week!

    1. The magnolia tree is my favorite. I love pink. When we moved in to our house 8 years ago ~ i fell in love with it even more.

  4. Growing up with Stations is such an awesome thing. They're a really powerful tool for growth in compassion, methinks. Perfect Easter tree you're standing under, btw!


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