more Easter photos with my little lady


Happy Easter Tuesday!

ignore my pasty white face. I am still playing with make-up... Overexposure and beginner make-up skills DO NOT MIX (hubs are you reading this??? come on, help me here... make sure you get the right exposure....)

Some thoughts about Easter...

-- Why do egg hunts happen on Saturday? I know we are all celebrating with our family on Sundays, hence community egg hunts happen the day before. But it's giving our children mixed signals... we should be waiting patiently for Easter Vigil.

-- I am glad Target was closed on Easter Sunday. Good job for giving your workers a day off.


Isabel's outfit
Janie and Jack dress
Janie and Jack sandals

Isabel twirls around after getting herself dressed. She runs to the mirror to look at herself (yikes, what monster did I create?????) 

Upon seeing her dress and her cardi, she said: I look like a mama..
ha! I almost fell to the floor laughing. 

So dress + cardi apparently means momma uniform????

She says she wants to be a momma when she grows up.

That's a boost to my confidence. I may not be doing this mother-thing perfectly, but my oldest daughter wants to be a mother. At her age, I knew I wanted to be a mom and a doctor.... That combo or a nun and a doctor...

She is following my footsteps. (Hubs thinks she'll be the next doctor in the family).

She is a very caring girl. She is the peacemaker.

She can be bossy but she means well. Her brothers do not want to hear it though.

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