life lately in videos

Featuring my boys...

Car derby race
Daniel did not win. Hubs was an awesome dad letting little D design his car. After Daniel lost and saw the other cars, he is determined to win next year.

also -- what team colors did Daniel paint his car?
do you know?

you have to question when it's really quiet.... eerily quiet....
Bastian joined me while I was watching a make-up tutorial. {see my fave channels here}
Then he tapped me asking for wipes.

Last one -- if you are not tired yet of watching my children. It's a glimpse of what my day looks like on my days home (aka day off from outside-of-home work)

if you made it to the end, go you! I understand if you do not watch the entire thing. If you're not family, it's not mandatory...  but you will hear me trying to sing with Bieber.

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