looking for eggs {Easter photo diary}

Be forewarned.
This post is photo heavy.

^Sebastian with a lollilop already in his month. seriously, child. you have your mother's sweet tooth.^

So sad that Lucy and I missed the egg hunt on Black Saturday.  I lost my voice after working all day (and talking all day) Friday. 

The children then met with close friends at the church playground. 

^ Love this bunch. SO ADORABLE! ^

^This one is a framer... if we crop Sebastian ^
The girls are beautiful (like their mommas, wink!)

Now we move on to Easter Sunday... more photos. 
Thanks to Auntie Feli, Auntie Cora and Uncle Dennis for the presents. Thank you lolo and lola for the treats. 

^ Bunny ears ^

These baskets are from our family in Cali. Thanks so much.
Lucy did not like the sound of plastic at all!
she was freaking out and overwhelmed.

Disis and the Dcrew
another framer!
although sebastian looks confused.

of course I want to leave you with photos of the youngest.
those cheeks are yummy!

Photos: Lolo

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