He is our hope {wiws}

Christ my hope is arisen...
...Christ indeed from death is risen
Sequence - Victimae  Paschali Laudes

Let's start with a blurry iphone photo of the family after Easter Mass. 
I promise there are nonblurry ones that will make it on the blog... this week.. next week.

After all, Easter is a season. Not just a day!
In fact, thanks to Rosie, I will be (hopefully) posting ways how we keep the momentum of Easter celebration. 

dress, Old Navy
cardigan, so old, Gap
YSL Clutch
Sandals, zulily

Sundays are not complete without an OOTD photo shoot. 
We gave Sebastian a few more minutes to nap in the car.  That was my cue to ask my photographer husband to snap some head-to-toe outfit photos. 

Bracelets, neiman marcus
Saint Laurent Matelasse clutch

Earrings, from friend MR

Easter Sunday is laid back this year.
Yesterday, the children made it to the egg hunt at our deanery's high school. Lucy and I were left at home. I lost my voice because of this sore throat/pharyngitis. 

Hubs was so nice and he told me it's ok not to cook/prep anything. So we went to the Thai place after Mass. It was a laid back day that we had left overs for dinner. 

I want to post our family's little egg hunt photos and close-ups of Lucy.
For now, enjoy this video (lola, lolo and aunties and uncles this one is for you!)

How about a few more of the family?
So difficult to get all them looking at the same time. 

I chose this one because Lucy was actually looking at the camera. Sorry Isabel, it was not your best shot. Daniel, what's up with the fake smile? 

How about these couple of shots?

Do they not remind you of this???

Happy Easter!
Christ is Risen. 

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  1. What a lovely Easter outfit! I totally relate to the "get everyone looking at the camera with pleasant expressions" struggle :)

  2. Love the argyle on the boys, and Lucy's sweet tummy in those outtake shots! Your dress and cardi are perfect together - such great colors for spring and Easter! Happy Easter to you and your family :)


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