st. paddy's parade

What a gorgeous day for a parade! I have never been to any parades downtown.  I have never watched an Indy 500 parade... no veterans day parade... no st. patrick's day parade...  nada for this homebuddy.

So to march on a parade -- that's something to remember!

I was stressed out just thinking of pushing a stroller and carrying a baby and "chaperoning".  Will I ever be able to contain Sebastian? He's at the this stage of wanting his independence. Will he run away from me while Lucy is fussing?

The toddler tantrum on the way to the assembly was something I'd like to forget... He stripped off his clothes before we left the house. The only thing green on him are his socks.  He did not want to sit in the stroller once we parked. He did not want his hoodie or blanket. It was a little chilly in the shade.

Thankfully, Bastian's guardian angel and St. Patrick interceded for us. Bastian cooperated once we joined the group. He stayed in the stroller! I did not drop the baby. Lucy did not fuss or have a poopie explosion. I even fed her at the sidewalk {Kathryn will be proud!}

I wish I was able to capture Lucy waving at the crowd. It was very precious.

Happy St. Paddy's Day.
As for me, it's past 5p ~ I think I am going to open that wine bottle.

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