my review of a Barbie movie

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I have heard horror stories about the Barbie books.... so I stayed away from the Barbie collection at the library. We never really introduced Barbie to my girls. My mom did.....

I have nothing against Barbie. My sister and I played with our Barbie dolls.  I had the superstar Barbie (I don't think my mom spent $85 on her... but that's her price right now... eeeek)
I like the Filipina Barbie. I never owned one. Too pricey for a little girl (or grown woman).

Barbie has launched her new collection of different body types and different skin tones.
meet Curvy, Tall, and Petite


Now for the review of the movie, Barbie and the great puppy adventure

 Isabel received this as a birthday present. It was the new release then.
I am surprised with this movie... I actually liked it.
The animation was done pretty well. The puppies are cute! The storyline is actually.... pretty good.... Barbie is still her super perfect self.... so that may irk a lot of people/moms. Barbie and her girlfriend's remarks remind me of Clueless.  ~~ The children copy the puppies' lines, not Barbie's. thank goodness!

My children watched this DVD a dozen times already, sometimes 2x per day. Frozen fever anyone?
It's the DVD Isabel asks... so I oblige. Anything to get chores and cooking done! The boys watch with her. I think they tolerate Barbie and her sisters because of the cute puppies and the treasure hunt. They know the words. They even tell me the storyline and cast of characters.

and... whoa... that grandma! I thought she's Barbie's mom actually. I want to look like that when I am a grandma. {fuuunnnnyyyyy....}

If you have girls, would you let them watch Barbie movies or have Barbie dolls or read Barbie books? What do you think of the new Barbie collection? 

If you don't have anything for your girl's Easter Basket and you are willing to take the plunge, and if you have amazon prime...  here's your chance. if you order it now, it will arrive Good Friday or Black Saturday. DVD is only $6.99. 

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