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Here are some things I am loving for my girls.

(1)   Chambrays are here to stay. Shortalls for your toddler are even better.
(2)   Cropped leggings in florals of course!
(3)   Scalloped dress in pastel color
(4)   Floral linen blend shorts FTW
(5)   Floral rompers
(6)   Midi dress
(7)   Floral jersey leggings
(8)   Ruffle shorts
(9)   Summer swing dress

This post is not sponsored... I am truly an Old Navy and Gap shopper :)
I have rewards to use so I will be getting some of these for my girls.

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  1. Hello!
    I found your blog post by looking to see where people were coming from to my blog. Your selection of clothes are bright and cheerful, and I like the way those designs make me feel...happy and free. I think that kids will feel like they can jump very high when they wear those clothes.
    All the Best!
    Robert Farmilo
    PS-If you feel like it, come and visit my website:


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