what i'm liking right now {outfit + recipe}

an outfit post and a recipe post!

I'm just like that.

I love, love, love faux fur vest. It's my fave of the winter season. I am wearing my faux fur vests until I am sweating and getting dizzy because of the heat. {exaggerating here...} It's still 40s here in the midwest so I can get away with longsleeves and vest to keep my back warm... what do y'all think? yay? nay? 

My fall fave are the blanket scarf
My winter fave are my faux fur vests. 

I love the fishtail of this long sleeve. 

longsleeve tee via hautelook
vest via nordstrom rack, mine is sold out -- but here's something similar for $50
boots via zulily

I love this photo taken by my eldest. I already posted it on my instagram.
It's also snowing flurries that day.
It was not child labor -- I made sure he was dry in the garage.

Now it's time for the recipe part of this post.
Sharing what I recently made and will be part of the meal rotation.

Stuffed Bell peppers --- in the slow cooker!
this one is 21day fix approved too. 

adapted from Alyssa's recipe

I used 6 large bell peppers - red, orange, green {whatever's on sale or get the 6 pack from Costco}
1 lb of ground sirloin {next time, maybe I will make it with ground turkey}
1 tsp of onion powder {you may use fresh chopped onion}
1 cup of white or brown rice {I used brown rice}
14 oz can diced tomatoes {I also had 3 roma tomatoes that were looking sad so I added those, diced as well}
2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
pinch of salt/ pinch of pepper
1 cup of shredded cheese + 1/4 cup as topping {use the Mexican cheese mix, or just monterey Jack and Cheddar}

I cut the tops of the bell peppers and took out the insides -- membranes and seeds. I placed them in the crockpot and added 1/4 c of water in the crock pot.
Now, mix the raw meat, onion powder, diced tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, S+P and 1 cup of shredded cheese. Stuff the bell peppers with the meat mixture. 
Cook on high for 4 hours!
Then I topped with more cheese before serving. Let the cheese melt.

If you'd like to drain the grease, feel free to brown meat first and then drain. When I used the raw meat, the stuffing was not greasy  at all...

I was so thrilled with the end result. The bell peppers were soft and tender and the stuffing was delish! since I love spicy food, I added several dashes of tabasco sauce!

Adios, friends! 

Have a blessed Friday eve!

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