letter for Lucy {8 mos photo journal}

Dear Lucy,

You are the fourth baby in the D-household. These photos are evidence enough. If I did not take your photos, you would have been 9 months and my compulsive self would not be happy with my survival mode self.

Thing is: I have been doing this for 8 months with you. I haven't failed yet (yippeee!)
Please forgive your mother that your 8 month photos are blurry. It was dark that day.

Thanks for being such a trooper every day.
I love, love, love seeing your smile. It's such a gift when I come home from work.
I love kissing your neck and you cheeks.
Your blow raspberries like none other!

I've got a question for you though ~~ what's up with you boycotting on the bottle? Are you following your sibs' footsteps? You are not malnourished by any means. But we are running out of freezer space with all the milk bags you haven't been drinking.

You are growing way too fast for my liking. But i am loving what you are becoming.
I am so thankful for you.

I love you!


Thank you for reading! 

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