are aztec prints still in? plus daily photos for a year

outfit deets
faux fur coat, thrifted || similar
colorblock dress  Old Navy
aztec prints via zulily
wedge booties

I got these aztec prints late 2013 (so 2 seasons ago). They made their debut on my first ever 365 photo quest.

I am doing another daily photo project this year. Instead of 365 - it's actually 366 (!) I am using this hashtag: #disisd366photos if  you want to follow along on instagram.

Thanks to my sister for reminding me to do it. She is doing 366 photos on ig, p52 using her big camera and then 1 sec a day for her baby. She has lofty goals. Lofty per my definition.  But she can do it. She's the photographer in the family.

As for me, I hope to continue these outfit photos and blogging them when I can. It really helps because it motivates me to get ready for the day. I dress up to go to work. Otherwise, on my days off, I will just be in my pjs or yoga pants all day, everyday if I could. It was a treat for me during winter break! I was in my pjs and yoga pants most days :)

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  1. I sure hope they're still in- I've been looking for an aztec print sweater for a good while and my sister gave me one for Christmas. ;)
    Also, I love your booties!


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