sock curls obsession {OOTD}

F21 faux fur jacket, similar
ON sweater dress, similar
Boots, similar

^^ I am outta here. let's go inside. 

Remember all those ig posts and blog post about sock curls?
I am still obsessed with them. I curled my hair 5 days in a row WITHOUT heat!

This was one of those days.

It did not matter that it was snowing. I HAD TO DOCUMENT MY SOCK CURLS.

A lot of people asked HOW do i do it?
I watched this youtube video.

Then I had my husband fix my hair -- it obviously was his first time. It needed a lot of work.
Nights after, I did it on my own.
He was thankful!

Here's another video after a long day at work. Curls actually stayed bouncy. I use a little bit of this hairspray right after taking out the socks first thing in the morning. Then I do not touch the curls. I flip my hair upside down and massage the back of my scalp to "loosen" some curls but otherwise, I miminize touching them.

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