half year old {7qt}

Lucy's stats:
weight 14 lb and 8 oz (10-25th%)
length 25 inces (10-25th%)
OFC 41 cm

1. My babies start at the 25th percentile on their weight, until they are more mobile then they slowly go down to the 10th percentile then eventually 3rd percentile.
We (mainly I did) freaked out about Daniel's weight. Then Isabel did the same thing. Then Sebastian as well. So now, the pediatrician is not scared at all because Lucy is following her sibs. They all kept their height velocity and their head grew. So as long as they are growing and pooping and peeing and gaining developmental milestones, then we will accept their weight percentile.

2. On Lucy's half year birthday, she saw her first Star Wars film on the big screen!
That might be the last time we bring her in to watch a movie with us. She stayed up the entire time. She was squealing and talking to the screen (specially to BB8!)

3. She also found her voice. She squeals and screams. It's not the annoying squeal.. Not the whining scream. But the conversant squeal.

4. She learned to sit unsupported within a week of teaching/helping her how to tripod. Initially, she only sat for a second then flopped face down or side down. Then slowly, she learned to use her trunk! Now she is sitting by herself for minutes before she fatigues and then falls over. ha.

5.  Snapchatting fun

6. If only I could mute myself and just focus on her squeals.

7. This little one gives me so much joy.
I tell her that all the time.

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