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sweater dress and faux fur vest via hautelook
everyday new styles and brands are marked down for a steal!

I have gotten by 7FAMK jeans, Franco Sarto wedge booties, dresses, earrings, bracelets,
curling wand,  toms for the kids and tons more on hautelook

sweater dress via hautelook
boots via zulily
faux fur vest via hautelook
Louis Vuitton Montaigne in empreinte leather

Hubs and I watched The Mystery of Irma Vep at the IRT. The perks of having our parents near us. {thank you mom for babysitting!}
This is the outfit I wore for our day date.

Lisa wrote on her blog that one reason for not going to her husband's party was every time I see these particular people I’m either pregnant or have a nursing baby with me... 
... with pregnancy pregnant questions and comments always follow and sometimes I just wish I could opt out and have a discussion about something entirely different!

Dear Lisa - I am known at work as the person who is always nourishing a human being, either by lactating or gestating. As my co-worker nicely put it: when are you NOT pregnant? When are you NOT breastfeeding? 

That's the truth... And I own it.

Hubs and I will be celebrating our 10th year wedding anniversary this fall. we have been talking for YEARS where and how we will celebrate our anniversary. Italy was our first choice. Then we clearly realized that after having Lucy, there's no way we will have the moolah saved up for a weeklong vacation overseas.

Then we thought about Hawaii.
Maybe island hop. enjoy the beach.

Then expedia showed me that it's $980 per person (!) just for flights.
so scratch that.
no Hawaii...

Then maybe, hubs will just join me for my work conference in Vancouver. Save money and basically pay for his expenses while my CME funds take care of my work trip.
But I do want to go to the beach.
Vancouver in the fall is not really beach-y.

As we talk about our anniv plans, one more thing comes to mind.
Lucy will be over a year by then. My fertility usually comes back soon after my children are weaned. I love having babies. I wish and pray for more than 4. (I say it all the time on my instagram)
But just the thought of telling my coworkers (or our parents), asking for another FMLA paperwork, taking another leave, etc etc, I am embarrassed  (for lack of a better word) to announce such good news. (Of course, i feel awful for saying that)

I am also admitting more and more that I am reaching my limits here.
Call it sleep deprivation. Call it slaving and taking care of little ones. But I do not mind spreading out the age gap here and not having another bambino in the coming odd year.

Hey. we know how this works. it takes two to make a baby.
we also know how to do NFP, problem is we don't follow it.
we cannot say no to love when it's obviously phase 2. {We are blessed and thankful that there was no grave reason to postpone pregnancy. I have had healthy pregnancies, praise God}

so when people ask me: is this it?
I am not sure. some days yes, some days no.
We are open to life.

So, ask me again, in the fall...

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  1. Thanks for this post, Sarah! I can totally relate- it's truly nice to know other moms are walking a similar road. :)


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