dressing the part {stethoscope stories - physicians blog hop vol 6}

Besides dressing appropriately, makeup and accessories and hair are probably the other things  that physicians will be "judged" by their patients. Dressing the part is key. It's almost as important as knowing your evidence-based medicine. Even before we start asking the history, physicians are already judged by the way they look. First impressions are important. 

I've been complimented because of my hair (it's so shiny. Or it's so straight);  and also my bracelets or necklaces -- mostly by my younger girls. 

Let's start with hair. 
I usually wear my hair down. I don't do much with it besides washing it everyday. I wash my hair because of working out and gritty oily feeling after 24 hours. 

When I have to do a lumbar puncture or any other sterile procedure, I put my hair up in a ponytail. This is to get it out of my face and not let the long strands dangle on top of the sterile field. 

Other styles I utilize besides the lazy straight, not blow-dried but brushed hair are:

- waves or fly-aways using my straightening iron
- pony tail
- bun (I want to do this more -- but my morning prep time is limited and I'm slow at fixing the messy bun) 
- Hair band or head band with straight hair
- big waves using my curling iron 
- tight spiral curls using my curling wand 

The latter two are usually for times when I have more than 20 mins to devote just for my hair prep -- which is rare. So the curls don't really show up to clinic that often. 

Next stop - make up. 
My routine is a combo of lack of time and ignorance.

What works for me:
After applying moisturizer - I use this pressed powder to take out the shine. I used wet foundation before but forgo that completely and just stayed with pressed powder. 
Since I look like a ghost after applying the powder, i add a touch of color to my cheeks using this

I should use mascara to help my lashes 
-- but I end up scratching my eyes because of my allergies so the mascara just makes its appearance on special date nights or weddings. 

Then I add lip gloss or pink or red lipstick. The red lipstick is a bit much at work. It's good for outfit photos but I scale down the red lip when I'm seeing patients. 

I say whatever you're comfortable wearing -- make it work. Just make sure it's not too heavy since less is best (in my opinion) when wearing makeup at work. Unless you're an actress or model -- then pile on (correctly!) the make up. 

Accessories make or break an outfit.
I'm a jewelry person. I gotta have my rings, earrings +/- necklace +/- bracelet +/- watch. 

The thing about earrings, I've used studs and chandeliers and hoops at work. As long as they're not too big or long as if you're going to the club, then I think they're fine. As I get older, I tend to go to my simpler earrings and only use my fancy-attention grabbing ones when I am not at work.  When I have big earrings, I usually skip the necklace. There's a lot of stuff going on with big earrings plus necklace... unless again, you're going to an event or date night or wedding, then that combo is fine... but for work, less is best.

Necklaces can be tricky with children. Babies and toddlers love to grab stethoscopes, reflex hammers, ophthalmoscopes and yes, necklaces. So just be careful. My go-to necklaces are my gold chain plus my heart pendant and this one

Before the batteries died on my swatch, i wore my white one or pink one everyday to work. The white one was for clinic and hospital days. The pink one was for my on-call nights.  Now I mostly wear this when I am wearing silver or white gold accessories. (This reminds me, I do have to change the batteries on my swatch!)

Bracelets are my fave. They may not be seen when I wear my white coat, yet I still wear them. Again, beware the bracelet-grabbing fingers of little ones. 

Shoes are  another thing. 
Maybe I'll talk about those next time :) 

How about you? How do you dress up for work as physician? Do you wear scrubs all the time? Do you wear business casual? Do you wear suits?
How's your make-up routine? How do you accessorize?
For my male colleagues, do you wear ties to work? are you a bowtie person? 

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