so fancy as i walked to the back of the church {wiws}

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How appropriate for the first photo -- head down... no eye contact.

We had another super eventful time at Mass.
Mr. Toddler (scroll below) was the opposite of happiness.

we got looks from all over the church bec I was one of those stubborn moms who refused to take my screaming child to the Cry Room. We were at the opposite end of the cry room entrance so it was much easier to take him to the back than go all the way to the front and up the stairs.

But.. I also waited... uhm maybe... 5 minutes into the: momma, i like it, i like it, i like it... daddy. want daddy. daddy... no. no.. no. daddy. (when in fact what he was telling me was: Momma i DON'T like it)

necklace, similar
(I wish I could find mine to link here but I found it on clearance... paid <$15 for it!)

earrings, gift from my mom

I had the baby on my right hand, with a squirmy screaming toddler on my left. He was ready to dash but I am the BOSS! I draped my legs over him to keep him from running away. 

insert, looks from all over here.

still screaming.

still yelling for his dada.

still telling me he does not like me.

We walked to the back of the church  with him and his strong lungs, screaming and crying NO the entiiirreeee tttttttiiiiiimmmmmeeeeeee...........

Lucy was a trooper. She was almost falling off as I carried her. She did not fuss or cry.
Mr. Toddler/ Screamer walked on his own, with one shoe off. He made it known to the entire congregation that he dislikes his mama.

He's happy here...
no sign that a meltdown was going to happen at Mass.

another sale find!

sweater dress - so light and perfect for the "mild" weekend we have here in the Midwest. 
It's less than $15!

I got the US size 8, size Medium.
This dress runs small so my advise is to pay attention to the measurements. Item details show chest and waist measurements. Super helpful!

bracelet, gift from my MIL
ring via zulily

On my way to the back of the Church, all I could think of was: toddlers are created to keep their moms humble.

I may not be perfect at this motherhood thing, but my kids make sure i get tons of practice and that I get a chance to redeem myself everyday.

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  1. Wow! Fantastic. I love this outfit and I can just picture you, baby in arms, yelling toddler while rocking those heels!


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